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A project of 21st Century Democrats, AmericasDemocrats.org is the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats, delivering in-depth interviews with the nation’s top political commentators offering progressive perspectives on national politics, public policy, the economy, foreign affairs and history.

As a salon of the nation’s most progressive Democrats, the weekly netcast features commentaries by the nation’s top populist, Jim Hightower, who battles “the powers that be on behalf of the powers that ought to be,” and interviews by a fierce progressive with insider access, Bill Press, the only nationally syndicated talk radio host to attend the daily White House press briefings.

AmericasDemocrats.org netcasts began as a production of Democrats for America’s Future, which merged with 21st Century Democrats in 2011.

21st Century Democrats is the leading national Democratic organization dedicated to promoting and electing progressive Democrats. Since its founding in 1985 by Tom Harkin, Jim Hightower and Lane Evans, the organization has worked to build a farm team of populist leaders, helping elect officials to federal, state and local government offices across the country.

At its core, 21st Dems is about getting everyday Democrats involved in returning our party to its roots – and to success at the ballot box. We aren’t an arm of the national party organization, and that means we don’t have to back every politician who claims to be a Democrat just because there is a “D” next to his or her name.

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