Why we desperately need the climate legislation in the Inflation Reduction Act

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It’s a new day in the climate battle that can only be fought by believing we can still make a difference.

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Michael Mann

Climate scientist Michael Mann has achieved fame for his work in proving climate change is happening. He says that even as we move past climate denialism, the battle over how to take action against global warming is as urgent as ever.

Dan Glickman

There’s a growing acknowledgment that even as agriculture feels some of the worst impacts of climate change, it also contributes to the crisis. Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman says farmers can be part of the solution and public policy can help them do that.

Jim Hightower

Good News: Small Groups Can Defeat Corporate Giants

From corporate polluters to political bosses, power elites try to create a myth of inevitability, trying to make workaday people feel helpless, too small to change the injustices of the system. Don’t bother is their message.

But the feisty residents of Boxtown, Tennessee, definitely did bother when they learned that a couple of profiteering fossil fuel giants were targeting them.

Bill Press

The Danger of “Christian Nationalism.”

The First Amendment of the Constitution is pretty clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

But the GOP and MAGA World are increasingly promoting something called “Christian Nationalism.” What is it? Is it dangerous? Bill talked to his old friend the Reverend Barry Lynn who has spent his entire life fighting to keep the wall up between Church and State as well as many progressive causes. For 25 years he was Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. 

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