#400 : Voting for our Future.

Why climate change demands political change. plus how an education wave is fueling support for a blue wave. And Marc Morial of the National Urban League joins the Bill Press Show to talk about voter suppression what it will take to make sure every citizen has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

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This week, science advocate Carolyn Weinberg charts a path to avoid climate catastrophe .. and it begins with a vote. Education advocate Jeff Bryant tells us why a record number of educators are running for office, and what they want. Plus … what will it take to shut down voter suppression? Marc Morial joins the Bill Press show.

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Caroline Weinberg

Caroline Weinberg is community organizer, educator, writer, and advocate for the future of our planet. She says that a new report on climate change makes an unequivocal demand.  We need every elected official to commit to action, and it’s up to every voter to make sure they do.

Jeff Bryant

Jeff Bryant has written extensively about the intersection of education and politics. He says that a movement that began with teachers’ walkouts has turned into an a record number of educators running for office and fighting for the future of public schools.

Marc Morial

Coming up, Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League talks with guest host Sabrina Siddiqui at the Bill Press show about the impact of voter suppression and the fight to stop it.

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