December 29, 2013

Legal historian Mary Dudziak says NSA surveillance is but part of the larger story of an America permanently at war. The Republican effort to slice the food stamp program is the proverbial canary in the coal mine, says regular commentator Catherine Poe. And Professor Dan Zuberi has studied the Canadian and U.S. hospital systems and says patients are at risk from the outsourcing of labor.


  • Dec. 29, 2013 Dec. 29, 2013 The NSA’s wide surveillance net is just part of America’s permanent state of war. The social safety net is being shredded by Republican cuts in food stamps. And medical safety is being compromised by hospitals outsourcing their labor force.
  • Mary Dudziak Mary Dudziak Historian Mary Dudziak asks the question of how we can “unbuild” the NSA surveillance apparatus. She also explains how waving the flag helps the American people ignore a very warlike foreign policy.
  • Catherine Poe Catherine Poe Regular commentator Catherine Poe is worried that the Republican assault on food stamps is just a canary in the coal mine warning about further social service cuts.
  • Dan Zuberi Dan Zuberi Health analyst Dan Zuberi has studied labor practices in both Canadian and U.S. hospitals and has found that outsourcing many of the routine jobs can have fatal consequences for patients.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower A curse, a blessing, and a good food movement

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