December 22, 2013

With states and cities now debating raising the minimum wage, economist John Schmitt says the issue is more about inequality than about jobs. Professor Jonathan Zimmerman explains why he wants to repeal the 22nd Amendment and let presidents serve as many terms as the voters want them to. And Bill Press interviews Ginger Gibson, Politico’s budget expert.

  • Dec. 22, 2013 Dec. 22, 2013 Economist John Schmitt on the minimum wage … Professor Jonathan Zimmerman on the 22nd Amendment … and Politico’s Ginger Gibson on the budget deal.
  • John Schmitt John Schmitt All of a sudden, lawmakers in cities and states are talking about raising the minimum wage locally. Economist John Schmitt says it is a popular idea but won’t happen at the federal level as long as Republicans hold the House of Representatives.
  • Jonathan Zimmerman Jonathan Zimmerman Professor Jonathan Zimmerman says that the Constitution’s two-term limit weakens the presidency, weakens the voters and weakens democracy. He wants to repeal it.
  • Ginger Gibson Ginger Gibson Bill Press and his guest, Ginger Gibson, of Politico.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Christmas: War!

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