–November 20, 2011

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Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes

Former Congressman Mike Barnes says he hopes members of the supercommittee are considering some controversial cuts to the defense budget.

Center for International Policy




George Bruno

George BrunoFormer ambassador George Bruno says passing the DREAM Act could help stimulate the economy.


USA Group International



Chris Van Hollen

Chris Van HollenBill Press interviews Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who shares his thoughts on what’s happening with the super committee’s private negotiations.

The Bill Press Show

Congressman Van Hollen–November 13, 2011

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Lisa Gilbert

Lisa GilbertPublic Citizen’s Lisa Gilbert tells us what Americans can do to limit the power of the Citizens United decision and the corporations who put money into politics.

Corporate Reform Coalition

Lisa’s Huffington Post Profile

Public Citizen


Nate Schnellenberger

Nate SchnellenbergerNate Schnellenberger, president of the Indiana State Teacher Association, updates us on Indiana governor Mitch Daniels’ radical reforms that are taking resources from public schools.

Indiana State Teachers Association

NPR Interviews on the school vouchers debate





Sherrod Brown

Sherrod BrownBill Press interviews Senator Sherrod Brown, who says last Tuesday’s elections made it clear which political party is on the middle class’s side.

The Bill Press Show

Sherrod Brown’s Senate Website

Sherrod Brown’s Campaign Website

America’ 11th, 2011

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Joe Wilson

Former ambassador Joe Wilson joins us to talk about the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. He says the Bush administration’s reaction to the event changed life in America more than the event itself.

“What I Didn’t Find in Africa” Op-Ed

The Politics of Truth



Catherine Poe

Regular guest Catherine Poe, author of the Ad Lib blog for the Washington Times Communities, discusses how President Obama has made America safer during his presidency.

Washington Times Communities Ad Lib Column

“Thanks to Obama, U.S. is safer since 9/11″


Chris Van Hollen

Bill Press interviews Congressman and member of the debt deal super committee Chris Van Hollen. He tells us what proposals and cuts we can expect the super committee to recommend.

The Bill Press Show

Congressman Van Hollen