–June 3rd, 2012

Tamara Draut

The quality of jobs for non-college graduates is as low as ever, and young people feel they must go to college just to stay even. Then they pile up debt for a diploma that guarantees them little in the search for that first job. Author Tamara Draut examines the economics of being a 20- or 30-something in 2012.

John Halpin

John Halpin, a political analyst with the Center for American Progress, reports that the 2012 presidential election will come down to 12 states or fewer and that President Obama can win the race, even if by only a narrow margin.

John Nichols

Bill Press talks Wisconsin recall election with John Nichols, a correspondent for The Nation, and with the National Journal’s Major Garrett.–May 6th, 2012

Kasim Reed
Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta is passionate about the need for progressives to throw out their complacency about rights they have already won. Why? Because Republicans are successfully impeding voting rights and women’s rights. He calls their words and actions “insane.”

Tamara Draut
Tamara Draut, an activist and author, links the soaring cost of college to the grim future for a generation of 20- and 30-somethings, who may become the first generation of Americans to do worse than their parents.

Adam Green
Bill Press chats with Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, who provides a rundown on the Massachusetts Senate race and five House races where progressives might replace Republican incumbents.