February 7, 2016

Sheila Simon on the corporate takeover of the Illinois governor’s mansion … former ambassador Michael Ussery on Republicans and foreign policy … and a Bill Press Show interview with conservative commentator Michael Graham.

The Republican governor of Illinois is working for billionaire businessmen trying to break unions and the middle class. Former Democratic lieutenant governor, Sheila Simon, explains how that happened. President Obama visited a mosque, and former Ambassador Michael Ussery says anti-Muslim rhetoric by some of his fellow Republicans makes things harder for American diplomacy. And conservative radio host Michael Graham talks politics with Peter Ogburn on the Bill Press Show.

Sheila Simon

Former Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Illinois Sheila Simon explains how her state has been taken over by a Republican governor operating not on ideology but on helping his business buddies make more money.

Michael Ussery

Michael Ussery is a Republican and a former political operative. He says the establishment, in both parties, has to go away.

Michael Graham

Coming up, Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press Show interviews conservative radio host Michael Graham about the GOP candidates.

Jim Hightower

Executive excess getting excessive

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AmericasDemocrats.org–November 28, 2011

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Jim Hightower

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Jim Hightower, America’s most popular populist, says we’ve been in a class war for over 30 years…and it’s causing the rich to fear the poor.

Jim Hightower

“Billionaires’ front groups attack workers, public schools, and young voters”


Sheila Simon

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Sheila Simon, lieutenant governor of Illinois, says she’s determined to put an end to corruption in Illinois politics.

Meet Sheila Simon

Inspiring Better Government



Jan Schakowksy

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Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who explains why she isn’t mourning the demise of the supercommittee.

The Bill Press Show

Congresswoman Schakowsky

AmericasDemocrats.org-October 2, 2011

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Cliff Guffey

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Cliff Guffey, president of the American Postal Workers Union, tells us about the United State Postal Service’s plan to solve their budget crisis. The postal service has proposed cutting 120,000 jobs, but Guffey says employees are not the cause of the organization’s financial woes.

American Postal Workers Union

Save America’s Postal Workers


Fred Rotondaro

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Regular guest Fred Rotondaro discusses the ideologicial rigidity found in the Tea Party. He says Tea Partiers are so concerned with the nation’s spending that they’re ignoring Americans and their needs.

Fred at Center for American Progress

Ideology Rigidity is a Recipe for Disaster

Sheila Simon

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Sheila Simon, lieutenant governor of Illinois, talks about Illinois’ unique education reform goals. She defends the state’s decision to implement the controversial DREAM Act and offer incentives to teachers.

Meet Sheila Simon

Classrooms First Initiative