April 20, 2014

How important is our DNA in determining our politics? A lot, says professor John Hibbing. It even determines who we marry. Political scientist Edward Caudill notes the hypocrisy of American lawmakers who decry the country’s relatively low standing in science education but who pass laws requiring the teaching of creationism. And Bill Press interviews Katie McGinty.

  • Apr. 20, 2014 Apr. 20, 2014 Political scientist John Hibbing says political beliefs are part of our DNA from an evolutionary point of view. Professor Edward Caudill says a large portion of the American public doesn’t even believe in evolution. And Bill Press interviews Katie McGinty.
  • John Hibbing John Hibbing Can conservatives moderate their views if only they had more correct information? Nope, says professor John Hibbing, who explains that our political opinions are largely a result of our DNA.
  • Edward Caudill Edward Caudill If we are ever going to make headway against the belief in creationism, progressives are going to have to engage the public in serious science education, says professor Edward Caudill.
  • Katie McGinty Katie McGinty Bill Press and his guest Katie McGinty discuss her run for Governor of Pennsylvania.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Spy agents turned into peeping Toms.

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