AmericasDemocrats.Org–June 5th

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Mike Barnes

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Former congressman from Maryland and part-time Floridian Mike Barnes joins us to talk about the Sunshine State’s Republican Governor Rick Scott — how he rode the Tea Party wave and campaigned with the slogan, “Let’s get to work,” although his first actions as governor cost the state jobs.

Rob McCord

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Rob McCord, Pennsylvania State Treasurer, calls the proposed cuts to higher education in his state “foolhardy” and says the Republican criticism that there’s no such thing as public investments is “dumb and dangerous.”

More about the Pennsylvania Treasury

Andrei Cherny

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An update from someone on the ground in Arizona — Andrei Cherny, former Arizona Assistant Attorney General. He asks why congressional Republicans are silent on budget cuts to border security and explains how the district lines drawn a decade ago in Arizona have allowed a moderate electorate to be governed by a small minority of rigid conservatives.

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