September 23, 2012

Romney’s foreign policy blunders … Obama’s secret weapons … and who the 47 percent really are.

  • Sept. 23, 2012 Sept. 23, 2012 This week, Peter Galbraith says Mitt Romney is “not ready for prime time." Alan Abramowitz says President Obama can win re-election by focusing on turning out the base. Bill Press and columnist Clarence Page discuss Mitt Romney's disdain for 47 percent of us. And Jim Hightower gives his commentary on "those people."
  • Peter Galbraith Peter Galbraith Former ambassador Peter Galbraith assesses Mitt Romney’s foreign policy expertise. The verdict? “Not ready for prime time” and “nostalgic for another century.” He adds that Romney’s serial foreign policy gaffes calls into question his competence on domestic policy.
  • Alan Abramowitz Alan Abramowitz Emory University Professor Alan Abramowitz uses mathematical models to successfully predict presidential election outcomes. Today, he tells us President Obama must focus on turnout and getting "leaners" to register. He now predicts a 1.2 percentage point victory for the president.
  • Clarence Page Clarence Page Bill Press interviews Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page about the 47 percent of us lazy moochers who populate Mitt Romney’s America.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Common Sense Commentary on Mitt Romney, a multi-millionaire tax dodger, and his disdain for "those people."

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Maria Teresa Kumar

Voter ID laws, foreclosures in poorer neighborhoods and increasing immigration enforcement are among the factors that could make it hard for President Obama to match his electoral strength among Hispanics. But Maria Teresa Kumar, head of VotoLatino,  says the Republicans don’t have it so easy, either.

Peter Galbraith

Former Ambassador Peter Galbraith says the Administration’s “reset” of relations with Russia has been successful because Moscow is now less hostile to the United States.


Eleanor Smeal

An interview by Bill Press with Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, who calls family planning “a life and death issue” and criticizes the Susan G. Komen Foundation for politicizing women’s health. The interview was recorded before the Foundation apologized and changed its mind.–January 29, 2012

Ralph Becker

The mayor of Salt Lake City, deep in red-state Utah, is a Democrat. He has worked with the Mormon Church and state leaders to come up with a more humane immigration policy than neighboring Arizona.  But the Justice Department is suing Utah, and Mayor Ralph Becker explains how things might ultimately work out.


Peter Galbraith 

Former Ambassador Peter Galbraith says it is hard to overstate how much the Bush administration destroyed America’s standing in the world, but he says its restoration is President Obama’s greatest foreign policy achievement.


Tom Buffenbarger 

An interview by Bill Press with Tom Buffenbarger, head of the Machinists Union, who denounces the Apple Corporation for relying on the business model of slavery. 

The Bill Press Show

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers