July 8, 2012

Reflections on Woody Guthrie from Pete Seeger and former Senator Fred Harris … and a nun tells why the Republican budget contradicts the gospel.


Pete Seeger

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Our first guest today is a truly great American, perhaps the leading progressive icon of our times. In honor of the centennial of the birth of Woody Guthrie, Pete has some fun telling stories on Woody, and revealing the history of the anthem “This Land is Your Land.”




Fred Harris

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Fred Harris was a populist when he was the U.S. senator from Oklahoma. He still is, as a professor at the University of New Mexico. He talks with us about the legacy of Woody Guthrie and the lessons we have learned from the Dust Bowl Era of American history.



Sister Simone Campbell

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Bill Press talks with the leader of the “Nuns on a Bus” movement of progressive Catholics, who point out the immorality of the Republican’s proposed budget.



AmericasDemocrats.org–January 22, 2012

Fred Harris

Fred Harris is now a political science professor, but he was once a U.S. senator, chairman of the DNC and a candidate for president. He says the outcome of the open Senate race in his adopted state of New Mexico could depend on how President Obama does at the top of the ticket.


Mike Barnes

Former Congressman Mike Barnes, who spends the cold weather in Florida, says the likely Republican Senate candidate in the Sunshine State “is not the sharpest knife in the dishwasher.’

Center for International Policy

Steve Israel

An interview by Bill Press with Representative Steve Israel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Congressman Israel reveals that current polling actually puts the Democrats ahead in the race for a majority in the House.

Bill Press

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee