November 24, 2013

As the nation celebrates Thanksgiving, professor Robert Paarlberg summarizes the politics of food in a country where obesity may be more of a problem than hunger. This year, Thanksgiving coincides with Hanukkah — and the role of God and religion in our civic life is the subject of a provocative interview with Sean Faircloth, a former legislator from Maine and an advocate of strict separation of church and state. And Bill Press interviews California Congressman Sam Farr.

  • Nov. 24, 2013 Nov. 24, 2013 Thanksgiving reflections on America’s food supply and the theocracy that one author says governs the “land of our pilgrims’ pride.”
  • Robert Paarlberg Robert Paarlberg Robert Paarlberg is an expert on food. In addition to summarizing the science and politics of food production, he notes that the biggest health threat from American agriculture is not on the farm or in the labs of Monsanto but in our own kitchens.
  • Sean Faircloth Sean Faircloth Church and state expert Sean Faircloth – he wants to separate them – reminds us on Thanksgiving that despite the prayers we might offer privately, the only reference to religion in the Constitution is its exclusion.
  • Sam Farr Sam Farr Bill Press and his guest, Congressman Sam Farr, who represents California’s Central Coast.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Billionaires reap a cornucopia of farm subsidy cash.

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April 21, 2013

Economist Mark Blyth explains exactly why austerity is the worst medicine for the economy – tighter belts work only if we all wear the same pants.

TIME magazine correspondent Michael Grunwald makes the case that the Keystone pipeline isn’t the worst thing that could happen to the environment.

And Thomas Frank, the author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” says Kansas “is still messed up.” And he says Democrats don’t care enough about gun safety legislation.

  • Apr. 21, 2013 Apr. 21, 2013 Economist Mark Blyth explains the economy in terms of men’s clothing. Journalist Michael Grunwald says the Keystone pipeline isn’t that bad. And the “What’s the Matter with Kansas” author says “Kansas is still messed up.”
  • Mark Blyth Mark Blyth Mark Blyth is a professor of international economy at Brown University, and he succinctly explains what’s wrong with austerity as a cure for an ailing economy: “Tighter belts,” he says, “only work if we all wear the same pants.”
  • Michael Grunwald Michael Grunwald TIME magazine correspondent Michael Grunwald says the Keystone pipeline is not the worst thing that could happen to the environment, but that if President Obama approves it, he will deserve whatever blowback he gets from his green supporters.
  • Thomas Frank Thomas Frank Thomas Frank says the NRA will always stop meaningful gun safety legislation because Democrats just don’t have their heart in the debate.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Putting your neck on the line.

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Leon Billings

Leon Billings was Senator Ed Muskie’s administrative assistant and helped write the nation’s environmental laws. As America celebrates another Earth Day, we ask him if the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts are still effective?

Catherine Poe

Regular contributor Catherine Poe says the Trayvon Martin case was a perfect storm of race, media and political paranoia.

Keith Ellison

Bill Press chats with Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus about a fair budget and the fight against restrictive voter I.D. legislation in the states.