–June 17th, 2012

Why oil speculation raises the price of gasoline, why belt tightening is the wrong answer to the economy and what House Republicans are up to this week. Plus, Jim Hightower discusses diverting student aid money to big banks.

Michael Greenberger

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Former Wall Street regulator Michael Greenberger says gasoline could be $2.50 a gallon, if it weren’t for outrageous and barely regulated casino gambling by oil speculators.

Robert Shiller

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Robert Shiller is a Yale economics professor and New York Times columnist. He explains why Keynesian economics is still the prescription and why “belt tightening” is the exact opposite of what the nation needs.

Donna Edwards

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Bill Press talks with Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland about Wall Street, the economy and Republican attacks on Eric Holder.

AmericasDemocrats.Org–August 28th, 2011

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Vic Fingerhut

Veteran Democratic political consultant Vic Fingerhut offers his advice on how Democrats can win in 2012. He says Democrats need to show Americans they are rip roaring populists who can get the country back on track.

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Miles Rapoport

Miles Rapoport, president of the non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization Demos, joins us to discuss voter registration levels. Advocates of voter ID laws and other registration hurdles say it cuts down on voter fraud, but Rapoport says it really keeps Americans out of the voting booth.

Demos-Ideas and Action

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Donna Edwards

An interview by Bill Press with Congresswoman Donna Edwards on the opening of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall. She says Dr. King’s message is even more important today with our nation’s extreme wealth gap.

Edwards’ Congressional site

The Official Website for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial – April 17th

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Michigan State Representative Jim Ananich

State Representative Jim Ananich is serving his first term representing residents of the 49th House District, which includes Flint, Swartz Creek, Clayton and the townships of Flint and Gaines.  State Representative Jim Ananich is a member of the Appropriations Committee and the lead Democrat on the subcommittees for Agriculture and the Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth (DELEG).   A former teacher, Ananich also serves on the subcommittee overseeing the School Aid Fund.  He  explains how Michigan state unemployment insurance was recently cut from 26 weeks to 20 — and why he’s sponsoring legislation to restore the cut benefits.

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg

Marc Ginsberg served as U.S. ambassador to Morocco, where he was knighted by the Moroccan monarch.  He is a Senior Vice President of APCO Worldwide and president of Layalina Television, a producer of Arab language television programming.  Here, Amb. Ginsberg on the Arab spring and what we need to know to understand it.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (MD)

Bill Press talks with Congresswoman Donna Edwards about the recent budget deal, as well as the debt ceiling and Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan for 2012.