August 5, 2012

Tax deductions for Stand Your Ground laws. Tax credits for prancing horses. Romney praises national health system — if it is Israeli.


Bob Edgar

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Bob Edgar is a former congressman who knows how lobbying works. In fact, he heads the public interest lobby Common Cause. Mr. Edgar has filed a complaint with the IRS exposing the lobbying tactics of a right-wing group that funds its nefarious work with tax-deductible contributions – not the way lobbying is supposed to work.

Catherine Poe

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Mitt Romney just doesn’t relate to the average voter, and commentator Catherine Poe thinks she knows why. His money has sheltered him from the vicissitudes of life and made it seem normal to take a 77-thousand-dollar tax credit for a dressage horse.

Judd Legum

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Bill Press talks with Judd Legum about health care reform and Mitt Romney.–April 22nd, 2012

Leon Billings

Leon Billings was Senator Ed Muskie’s administrative assistant and helped write the nation’s environmental laws. As America celebrates another Earth Day, we ask him if the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts are still effective?

Catherine Poe

Regular contributor Catherine Poe says the Trayvon Martin case was a perfect storm of race, media and political paranoia.

Keith Ellison

Bill Press chats with Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus about a fair budget and the fight against restrictive voter I.D. legislation in the states.–March 25th, 2012

Teresa Ghilarducci

Teresa Ghilarducci is an expert on retirement security, and while Republicans continue their assault on Social Security, she has a new idea – let individuals get the same guaranteed-income retirement accounts that employees of the Federal Reserve have.

Catherine Poe

Columnist and regular contributor Catherine Poe makes the case for the Dream Act – to help children of undocumented workers who were born in the United States get a college education. She points out how Mitt Romney is way out of step with other Republicans and with his own church on  this issue.

Charles Postel

And now, historian Charles Postel examines the “no-tax” pledge that Grover Norquist imposes on Republicans — driving moderates out of the GOP, making the rich richer and the rest of us more miserable.–March 11th, 2012

Richard Bulliet

Columbia University Professor Richard Bulliet is an expert on Islam and Iran, and he says there is respect for American institutions among Muslims worldwide, even if there are differences in foreign policy. 


Catherine Poe

Catherine Poe is concerned about that doomsday clock that appears on the cover of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. It has been moved one second closer to midnight, due to fear of war in Iran, bleak prospects for nonproliferation, and continuing concern about the safety of nuclear power plants.


Angelo Carusone

An interview by Bill Press with the man behind the movement to pressure Glenn Beck off of Fox, and who is now behind the “” Website.

Bill Press