September 16, 2012

Democrats run the economy better, Republicans run as Ayn Rand, and a DNC spokesman says, “I’d rather be us than them.”

  • Sept. 16, 2012 Sept. 16, 2012 First, small-business expert Jere Glover finds the economy does better under Democratic administrations. Next, Ayn Rand biographer Jennifer Burns says Rand would not be happy with the Romney-Ryan ticket. Then, Bill Press interviews the DNC's Brad Woodhouse. And Jim Hightower comments on a banker’s plaintive plea.
  • Jere Glover Jere Glover Small-business expert Jere Glover has looked into official government statistics about the economy and, guess what? In Democratic administrations, the economy and business investment are robust. Under Republicans, the economy and business investment go down.
  • Jennifer Burns Jennifer Burns Everyone is talking about the godmother of economic selfishness, author Ayn Rand, now that one of her disciples, Paul Ryan, could become VP. Prof. Jennifer Burns has written a Rand biography, “Goddess of the Market,” and says rather than a dream come true, the Romney-Ryan ticket would be Rand’s worst nightmare.
  • Brad Woodhouse Brad Woodhouse Bill Press interviews Brad Woodhouse, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Jim Hightower's Common Sense Commentary on a banker’s plaintive plea.

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Dean Lacy

How is it that the very states that keep voting for Republicans get the most money, per capita, in federal social programs that the voters say they despise? Dartmouth Professor Dean Lacy explains … and he has some thoughts about the history of third parties in presidential elections.

Geoffrey Kabaservice

Author Geoffrey Kabaservice says moderates don’t spend their time watching cablet TV, and thus are more moderate in their views than the leaders of the Republican Parfty, and they do vote in November.

Rule and Ruin

Brad Woodhouse

Bill Press chats with Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic National Committee, who says forget Mitt Romney’s flip-flops – let’s find out what he is actually proposing!