–March 4th, 2012

Andrew Baumann

Andrew Baumann is a pollster with the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and has studied the electorate carefully. He believes that while voters are with the Republicans on cutting spending and job creation, Democrats can win by crossing a threshold of credibility on spending with independent voters.


Fred Rotondaro

A senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, says “American exceptionalism” is a lot more than what today’s Republican candidates say it is. And he gives credit to Richard Nixon for clean air and clean water laws, proving, as he says, “not all Republicans at all times have been lunatics.”


Brian Schweitzer

An interview from the National Governors Association meeting February 27 with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer by Bill Press. Governor Schweitzer explains that 85 percent of what he and his colleagues do is “educate, medicate and incarcerate.”

Bill Press

Website–February 12, 2012

Andrew Baumann

Andrew Baumann, a Democratic pollster, says more Democratic candidates are embracing the president’s new populism theme, but are not necessarily going to  embrace him.  He also says watch out for a flip in both houses of Congress … the House returning to Democrats and the Republicans taking the Senate.


Richard Bulliet

Columbia University Professor Richard Bulliet  says preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons is probably impossible until and unless testing begins. He also predits a negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan, with the Taliban taking control.

Steny Hoyer

An interview by Bill Press with Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, who points out that if the middle class does well, people at the top will do well, also.

Bill Press

America’ — April 24th, 2011

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Lisa Gilbert

Lisa Gilbert works for the progressive lobbying group, Public Citizen.  She’s the Deputy Director of the Congress Watch division.  Here, she talks about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s crack down on executive pay at Wall Street banks — and how you can sign the petition on our website to make sure risk is de-incentivized on Wall Street.

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  • Andrew Baumann

    Andrew Baumann is Senior Associate at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner where he specializes in U.S. campaigns and political issues.  In this interview, he shares with us what recent polls show about the Republican-Obama battleground districts in 2012.



    Governor Deval Patrick

    And a Bill Press interview with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick — he’ll talk about his state’s health care plan, which has made it possible for over 98% of his state’s resident to be insured.  Governor Patrick will also discuss his new book, A Reason to Believe.