June 26, 2016

Dirty politics week! David Daley reveals how Republicans have screwed Democrats through gerrymandering and Andrew Gumbel explains how Republicans suppress votes.

Salon editor David Daley has written a new book provocatively titled “Rat-Effed,” about how Republicans openly manipulated the political process to take control of Congress. Journalist Andrew Gumbel is an expert on dirty elections. He says the Democrats have many problems, including choosing to live too close to other Democrats. And Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press Show interviews reporter David Fahrenthold about Donald Trump’s phony charities.

David Daley

David Daley, the author of an acclaimed new book called “Rat-Effed,” accuses the Republicans of a conspiracy to take over the government – except they did it openly right under the noses of the Democrats.

Andrew Gumbel

The Democrats routinely get more votes across the country in elections for Congress. But Republicans are in charge. Journalist Andrew Gumbel says it’s due to gerrymandering and suppressing Democratic votes.

David Fahrenthold

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, on the Bill Press Show, exposes Donald Trump’s phony charitable donations.

Jim Hightower

Paul Ryan has some snake oil for you.

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June 19, 2016

Historian Todd Gitlin on Donald Trump and George Wallace. Dr. Nina Agrawal on guns as a public health epidemic. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin.

Todd Gitlin, a historian of the Sixties, compares Donald Trump to George Wallace, but this time the racism won’t help the Republicans win the White House as it did in 1968. In light of the Orlando massacre, we reprise an interview with Dr. Nina Agrawal of Doctors for America. And Bill Press interviews Representative Mark Pocan of Wisconsin.

Todd Gitlin

Todd Gitlin was an activist in the 1960s and a historian of that turbulent political era. He compares Donald Trump to George Wallace … and says the Republicans have become “the party of frustrated male pride.”

Nina Agrawal

In light of the massacre in Orlando, we revisit our interview with Dr. Nina Agrawal of Doctors for America. She explains how Republicans have barred federal research on gun violence – which she calls “a public health epidemic.”

Mark Pocan

Bill Press interviews Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan.

Jim Hightower

How job cuts miraculously turn into job “creation”

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June 12, 2016

Jennifer Lawless and Fred Rotondaro analyze the current state of the presidential race. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Sandy Levin of Michigan.

As Hillary Clinton homes in on the Democratic presidential nomination, political science professor Jennifer Lawless says that voting for women is no longer a novelty for most people. Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Bernie Sanders is not going to allow Donald Trump to win the White House, but Hillary still has to reassure his supporters. And Bill Press interviews Representative Sandy Levin of Michigan on the GOP anti-poverty plan.

Jennifer Lawless

Political scientist and feminist Jennifer Lawless says the polarization of politics has helped women candidates because voters now look at party affiliation and not gender.

Fred Rotondaro

Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Bernie Sanders will not do anything to allow Trump to win the White House, but Hillary Clinton has plenty of work to do to bring Sanders supporters into her camp,

Sandy Levin

Bill Press interviews Michigan Congressman Sandy Levin on Paul Ryan’s latest anti-poverty scheme.

Jim Hightower

Donald Drumpf is deranged.

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June 5, 2016

Foreign policy on this week’s menu. Joseph Nye says the Middle East and China are the big issues for the next president. Jonathan Allen says Trump’s isolationism is not a sustainable position. And Bill Press talks with The Atlantic’s Vann Newkirk II.

Harvard’s top foreign policy expert, Joseph Nye, looks at the global challenges facing the next president. Hillary Clinton biographer Jonathan Allen says her experience may be a vulnerability, but also means she has an understanding of how to achieve consensus and make government work. And Bill Press interviews The Atlantic’s Vann Newkirk II about Obamacare and voting rights for ex-felons.

Joseph Nye

Joseph Nye, a Harvard professor and one of the country’s most prominent foreign policy analysts, says the Middle East and China are the biggest issues facing the next president.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen, who is working on a second book about Hillary Clinton, says she might be seen in the presidential campaign as the hawk and Donald Trump as the dove. Her strength, though, may be simply that she knows how to work the levers of power at home and abroad.

Vann Newkirk II

Bill Press interview The Atlantic’s Vann Newkirk about Obamacare and voting rights for ex-felons.

Jim Hightower

How Hillary has sent chills down my spine.

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