April 3, 2016

Steven Hill on the “1099 economy” … Mike Ussery on Donald Trump and foreign policy … and Electoral College expert Kyle Kondik tells Bill Press the Democrats have a lock. For now.

Author Steven Hill explains how the new economy is reshaping what we think of as work. Former ambassador AND Republican Mike Ussery has some thoughts about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and foreign policy. And Bill Press talks with University of Virginia political expert Kyle Kondik, who says the electoral vote map is, as of now, a lock for the Democrats

Steven Hill

Economic analyst Steven Hill documents how the growing economy is putting more money in fewer pockets and how workers are having a difficult time. He has some suggestions for a safety net for everyone.

Mike Ussery

Republican foreign policy expert Mike Ussery sees his party possibly splitting up after the election, and he says it maybe both necessary AND refreshing.

Kyle Kondik

Coming up, electoral college expert Kyle Kondik tells Bill Press that recent events have made the presidential contest, at this moment at least, noncompetitive.

Jim Hightower

What is fueling “Hurricane Donnie” Trump

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March 27, 2016

Latino activist Cristobal Alex says the Hispanic vote will determine the next president. Dr. Nina Agrawal is outraged that Congress won’t let the CDC investigate a public health menace – guns. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Hakeem Jeffries about terrorism in Belgium.

The head of the Latino Victory Fund says the road to the White House will go through the Latino community. Pediatrician Nina Agrawal exposes the Republican Congress’s refusal to fund research on one major epidemic affecting children – gun violence. And Bill Press talks with New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries about the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Cristóbal Alex

Cristóbal Alex is the President of the Latino Victory Project and the Latino Victory Foundation, an effort to build Latino political power. He says the Hispanic presidential candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, threw their people under the bus.

Nina Agrawal

Pediatrician Dr. Nina Agrawal says public health research focused on gun violence could save lives – especially children’s lives – but Congress won’t allow it.

Hakeem Jeffries

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries talks with Bill Press about the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Jim Hightower

Who should pay Mitch McConnell’s salary?

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March 20, 2016

Jere Glover has the facts about Republican economic disasters … Robert Paarlberg explains the role of public policy on the obesity epidemic … and Bill Press interviews liberal author Thomas Frank.

Jere Glover has been studying national economic data for years, and, once again, the latest figures show that the economy thrives under Democrats and flops under Republicans. Robert Paarlberg is an expert on food, and he has some ideas about how to combat obesity by improving public policy. Progressive author Thomas Frank talks with Bill Press about his new book on liberal setbacks under President Obama.

Jere Glover

If you only listened to Republicans, you would have no idea that for the last 60 years or so, almost every measure of the economy does much better when a Democrat is president. Jere Glover runs down the evidence for us.

Robert Paarlberg

How do we get a handle on obesity … and poverty? Harvard professor Robert Paarlberg says sound public policy can help … including exempting sugary products from food stamp eligibility.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank talks with Bill Press. They both have books out about disappointments for progressives under a Democratic president.

Jim Hightower

Will GOP lawmakers say “yes” to any Obama proposal?

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March 13, 2016

Diplomat Peter Galbraith on the foreign policy chops of both Clinton and Sanders … campaign finance critic Wendell Potter on Clinton’s Wall Street speeches … and Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

Former ambassador Peter Galbraith talks about Syria and how both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders measure up on foreign policy issues. Wendell Potter used to be an insurance industry executive. Now he has written a book about how big money has corrupted Washington policy making. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky talks with Bill Press about the upcoming congressional fights over Planned Parenthood.

Peter Galbraith

Former ambassador Peter Galbraith says when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton will have a steady hand and Bernie Sanders has shown good judgment. The Republicans? No comparison!

Wendell Potter

Money will always be a feature of American political campaigns, says former lobbyist Wendell Potter. But legislation is needed to limit the influence of the rich and powerful.

Jan Schakowsky

Bill Press talks with Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky about the upcoming congressional fights over Planned Parenthood.

Jim Hightower

Bernie battles Clinton… and the corporate media.

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