August 28, 2016

Election gurus Mark Gersh, Kyle Kondik, and Adam Wollner, on the Bill Press Show, take a deep dive into House and Senate races.

Congressional elections expert Mark Gersh predicts Democrats could win the Senate and should pick up double-digit gains in the House. Political analyst Kyle Kondik predicts a large Hillary Clinton Electoral College win but says Democrats have forfeited the House until after 2020. And the National Journal’s Adam Wollner, interviewed by Bill Press, also takes a deep dive into the down-ballot races.

Mark Gersh

Mark Gersh is an expert on congressional politics, and he says Democrats have a decent chance to win back the Senate but can make only small double-digit gains in House races, not enough for a majority.

Kyle Kondik

Hillary Clinton will win the electoral vote by a large margin, says University of Virginia political analyst Kyle Kondik but don’t count on Democrats flipping the House.

Adam Wollner

Coming up, the National Journal’s Adam Wollner takes us on a tour of the down-ballot races across the country, in an interview with Bill Press.

Jim Hightower

Fed up with Wall Street? Do something about it!

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August 21, 2016

Jennifer Lawless on gender and politics … Cathleen Kelly on climate change and national security … and Hadas Gold on the new head of the Trump campaign.

Professor Jennifer Lawless says Hillary Clinton’s status as a woman won’t make any difference in whether people vote for or against her. Climate change expert Cathleen Kelly says global warming is a big foreign policy and national security issue. And Politico’s Hadas Gold analyzes the Trump campaign’s personnel moves in an interview with Igor Volsky on the Bill Press Show.

Jennifer Lawless

Professor Jennifer Lawless, an expert on politics and gender, says it is the party and the candidate, not gender, that makes a difference in elections.

Cathleen Kelly

Global warming isn’t just a scientific issue, but it’s also a foreign policy and national security crisis, says climate change expert Cathleen Kelly.

Hadas Gold

Politico’s Hadas Gold comments on the Trump campaign’s latest shakeup, in an interview with Igor Volsky on the Bill Press Show.

Jim Hightower

The militarization of “Officer Friendly”.

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August 14, 2016

Celinda Lake breaks down the electorate. Matthew Desmond links poverty to evictions by unscrupulous landlords. And Dr. Anand Parekh on the Bill Press Show, talking about the zika virus.

Democratic polling expert Celinda Lake breaks down the demographics of the presidential campaign. The Washington Post just printed an exposé about how landlords are evicting poor people over just a few dollars. An expert on this national trend, Harvard Professor Matthew Desmond, joins us to talk about housing and poverty. And Dr. Anand Parekh talks about the Zika crisis with guest host Jonathan Allen on the Bill Press Show.

Celinda Lake

Prominent pollster Celinda Lake says Donald Trump’s strength is with white, blue-collar, men who live near minority neighborhoods and mobile homes. Hillary Clinton, however, still has to consolidate millennials.

Matthew Desmond

Harvard Professor Matthew Desmond says the crux of poverty nationwide is flat incomes, rising housing prices, and widespread evictions by unscrupulous landlords.

Anand Parekh

Coming up, former HHS official Dr. Anand Parekh talks with Jonathan Allen on the Bill Press Show about congressional inaction on the Zika crisis.

Jim Hightower

When is daylight robbery not a crime?

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August 7, 2016

Journalist David Cay Johnston says Trump is likely a serial tax cheat .Mike Ussery says Trump is not coherent on foreign policy. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona.

With Donald Trump dominating the news, we have two experts who try to explain him. Tax expert and journalist David Cay Johnston says Trump is a tax cheat who has associated with the mob most of his career. And Republican former diplomat Mike Ussery is no Hillary Clinton fan but says Trump’s foreign policy views are incoherent and flabbergasting. And Bill Press talks with Phoenix Congressman Ruben Gallego about the possibility of turning Arizona from red to blue.

David Cay Johnston

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston reveals that Donald Trump is probably a tax cheat, a friend of the mob … and COULD win the election.

Mike Ussery

Mike Ussery is no fan of Hillary Clinton, but this former diplomat, a staunch Republican, is befuddled by Donald Trump’s grasp of foreign policy and says the candidate’s friends should take his Twitter account away.

Ruben Gallego

Bill Press interviews Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona about turning his state from red to blue.

Jim Hightower

Look who the Donald is bringing in from the cold.

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