The Great Society at 50: Top Three Landmark Reforms

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s ambitious domestic vision changed the nation. Today, LBJ’s Great Society agenda continues to be at the center of American life — and politics.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Great Society reforms, we renew our commitment to protecting these landmark policies still under Republican attack.


3. Medicare

Can we really afford to expand the social safety net for seniors? Social Security expert Nancy Altman calls for expansion of the social safety net for seniors.



2. Immigration

The 1965 immigration reforms are still not enough. Sister Simone Campbell, with Bill Press, on today’s struggle to fulfill the American dream.



1. Voting Rights

Remembering the fight over voting rights, Medicare and immigration from 50 years ago, with Joe Califano, the top domestic aide to President Lyndon Johnson.



For more on LJB’s Great Society agenda, listen to excerpts of his speech to the University of Michigan’s Class of 1964.