March 30, 2014

The Paul Ryan budget – the one that believes black men don’t have the culture to work – comes under attack from Democratic strategist Ed Kilgore. With Obamacare once again under fire at the Supreme Court and another sign-up deadline passing, health care analyst Phillip Longman talks about the policy challenges facing the Affordable Care Act. And law professor Stephen Griffin asks — and answers — how Congress can take a bigger role in decisions to go to war.

  • Mar. 30, 2014 Mar. 30, 2014 Ed Kilgore on the Ryan budget … Phil Longman on the challenges facing Obamacare … and Stephen Griffin on the role of Congress in deciding when to go to war.
  • Ed Kilgore Ed Kilgore While Paul Ryan rants about black men being lazy, Democratic analyst Ed Kilgore says the congressman’s budget is a no-compromise holding pattern meant to kill, not just slow down, social programs.
  • Phillip Longman Phillip Longman Phillip Longman studies the U.S. health care system and recommends it be treated as a “common carrier,” like a utility, in which prices are openly set for specific procedures.
  • Stephen Griffin Stephen Griffin When Russia annexed Crimea, it once again raised questions about the role of Congress and the White House in establishing foreign and national defense policy. Law professor Stephen Griffin says Congress should centralize its own decision-making.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower School lunches vs. fat cat dinners.

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January 19, 2014

How can conservatives and progressives come together to reduce health care costs? Author Phillip Longman says, simply, join forces to oppose the monopoly pricing power of hospitals. Harvard professor Theda Skocpol says mainstream Republicans are riding on the back of the Tea Party tiger, and they may soon regret it. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Keith Ellison, who says progressives should remain optimistic.

  • Jan. 19, 2014 Jan. 19, 2014 Health expert Phil Longman says while Obama wants to reduce health care costs, he is not cracking down on hospital monopolies. Tea Party expert Theda Skocpol says the GOP is riding the back of a tiger. And Bill Press talks with Rep. Keith Ellison.
  • Phillip Longman Phillip Longman No matter how well Obamacare may work, the administration is doing very little to enforce antitrust laws against hospitals, which drive up the price of medical care, says author and health-care analyst Phillip Longman.
  • Theda Skocpol Theda Skocpol Theda Skocpol has studied the Tea Party’s death grip on the Republican Party, and the Harvard professor says it is a “pincers movement” applying pressure upward from the grassroots and downward from the big money interests.
  • Keith Ellison Keith Ellison Bill Press and his guest, Congressman and Progressive Caucus chair Keith Ellison of Minnesota.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower The millionaires' Congress vs. the people.

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December 29, 2013

Legal historian Mary Dudziak says NSA surveillance is but part of the larger story of an America permanently at war. The Republican effort to slice the food stamp program is the proverbial canary in the coal mine, says regular commentator Catherine Poe. And Professor Dan Zuberi has studied the Canadian and U.S. hospital systems and says patients are at risk from the outsourcing of labor.


  • Dec. 29, 2013 Dec. 29, 2013 The NSA’s wide surveillance net is just part of America’s permanent state of war. The social safety net is being shredded by Republican cuts in food stamps. And medical safety is being compromised by hospitals outsourcing their labor force.
  • Mary Dudziak Mary Dudziak Historian Mary Dudziak asks the question of how we can “unbuild” the NSA surveillance apparatus. She also explains how waving the flag helps the American people ignore a very warlike foreign policy.
  • Catherine Poe Catherine Poe Regular commentator Catherine Poe is worried that the Republican assault on food stamps is just a canary in the coal mine warning about further social service cuts.
  • Dan Zuberi Dan Zuberi Health analyst Dan Zuberi has studied labor practices in both Canadian and U.S. hospitals and has found that outsourcing many of the routine jobs can have fatal consequences for patients.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower A curse, a blessing, and a good food movement

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December 1, 2013

Former Democratic Senate leader Alan Dixon says his party better start fixing Obamacare right away. Fabio Rojas, an expert on social media, says he can predict congressional elections by monitoring Twitter. And David Bergeron, a higher-education policymaker, has a series of student loan reforms in mind.

  • Dec. 1, 2013 Dec. 1, 2013 Politics this week -- former Senator Alan Dixon on Obamacare, Professor Fabio Rojas on Twitter as a predictor of elections, and education expert David Bergeron on the politics of student loans.
  • Alan Dixon Alan Dixon Alan Dixon was a senator from Illinois for two terms and was chief deputy whip for the Democrats. Well known as a moderate, he has some harsh words for both parties and calls on congressional Democrats to fix Obamacare.
  • Fabio Rojas Fabio Rojas Indiana University professor Fabio Rojas studies politics and social media. And he believes that Twitter activity can predict the outcome of close House elections.
  • David Bergeron David Bergeron Finally, higher education expert David Bergeron of the Center for American Progress has a plan to firm up the national student loan program. The place to start is choosing where to go to college in the first place.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Coke's Conspiracy against tap water.

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