From the archives: “Sarah Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion and politics”

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend takes on Sarah Palin for attacking John F. Kennedy.

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Townsend served as Maryland’s lieutenant governor from 1995 to 2003.  She is the author of Failing America’s Faithful: How Today’s Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way (Grand Central Publishing, 2007). netcast — February 13

Jim Hightower

Hightower has edited the Texas Observer, directed the Texas Consumer Association, and served as the Texas Agriculture Commissioner for two terms. He broadcasts daily radio commentaries and publishes a monthly populist political newsletter, “The Hightower Lowdown.”

Don Fowler

Fowler served as Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Part for nine years from 1971-1980.  In 1988 he was CEO of the Democratic National Convention.  He was Chair of the Democratic National Committee during the 1996 election between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

Fred Rotondaro

Rotondaro is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP). He was executive director the National Italian American Foundation, where he worked for 22 years before joining CAP.