Jim Cuddy, Host

Jim Cuddy is a 15-year veteran of talk radio. He was anchor and reporter for Clear Channel’s WBZS “Business Radio 570″ as well as assistant program director and anchor for Clear Channel’s WWRC “Money Talk 1260.” He was assistant program director for Evergreen Broadcasting’s WZHF “Health and Fitness 1390.” He was a talent coordinator and producer for Greenwave Radio Productions and a production director for WMET 1160 “World Radio.” Jim has also enjoyed a successful career as a freelance voice-over artist for both radio and television. He is a partner and on-screen host with MyHomesMedia, an online media marketing company.


Matthew Lynch, Managing Producer

Matthew Lynch is a videographer and partner at MyHomesMedia. He has produced, or been a part of, over 100 different shows ranging in topics from real estate to live Major League Soccer broadcasts. He was previously the operations manager for WMET 1160 in Washington D.C., a 50,000-watt radio station.


Ira Allen, Assistant Producer

Ira Allen was a White House correspondent for United Press International and adjunct lecturer at the University of Maryland College of Journalism.

After his reporting career, he was press secretary to former Congressman Chet Atkins of Massachusetts and a public affairs officer for the National Association of Children’s Hospitals, the University of Maryland Medical System, the Center for the Advancement of Health, the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health, and for the Food and Drug Administration.

  • 2laneIA says:

    I am listening to Michael Linden misrepresenting his position–“gotta
    cut Social Security”–as “progressive.” No it isn’t. Progressives are
    completely opposed to the President’s planned cuts, such as chained
    CPI. Real progressives understand that trading away the heart of the
    beloved New Deal and Great Society programs is political suicide for the
    Democratic Party. Anyone who is paying attention understands that the few revenue sources that might be offered in trade will be quickly restored, in the same way that Dodd-Frank is being quietly gutted, with the help of lobbyists and corporate money.

    The Center for American Progress is on Pete Peterson’s payroll, thus their
    institutional affection for the Third Way/DLC/SimpsonBowles plans to cut
    earned benefits. The so-called centrists in the party are the
    corporate Dems–liberal on social issues but never in favor of anything
    that Wall Street opposes. The real centrists are apparent in the
    polling on these issues. Americans are opposed to benefit cuts by very
    large margins, and are far to the left of the smart people in the
    Beltway. Anyone who claims to be in favor of Obama’s grand bargain is
    out of touch with what ordinary Americans want, and deserves to lose the
    next election. Republicans know this. That is why they won’t
    cooperate in cutting entitlements.