A powerful history of workers’ strikes in America.

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How unions will shape the future of democracy. 

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Eric Loomis

Historian Eric Loomis says if we truly want to understand the history of labor movements in the United States, look to the moments when workers went on strike. Loomis reminds us of the powerful change that can happen when workers are willing to fight.

Jim Hightower

Corporate Sponsors Win Olympic Gold in “Downhill Ethical Backflip”

In this year’s Beijing Olympics, the top team performance has been Corporate America’s breathtaking “Double-twist Ethical Backflip.”

This group of corporate giants loudly tout their code of ethics, pledging to stand against repressive regimes that abuse human rights. But here came the Olympics, posing a direct test… and they flopped!

Sarah Longwell

Defending Democracy with Republican Sarah Longwell

Sarah Longwell is a veteran Republican Political Strategist who is at the center of key never-Trump organizations. She heads Defending Democracy Together, The Republican Accountability Project, and is Publisher of The Bulwark. And is very outspoken about the GOP today.

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