How Democrats forgot about state politics

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Professor Theda Skocpol explains how the Democrats ceded control of state government to Republicans.

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Theda Skocpol

Government professor Theda Skocpol says Democrats think the presidency is the biggest political prize and, unfortunately, ignore politics at the state level.

Jim Hightower

The Virginia Model

Last year’s gubernatorial race in Virginia was narrowly won by Republican Glenn Youngkin. An elite Wall Street multimillionaire, he was going to lose – until he discovered a right-wing racist bugaboo called Critical Race Theory. Glenn suddenly turned into an anti-CRT attack dog, fomenting parental fear and promising to sweep all teaching of the theory out of Virginia classrooms.

But, golly, CRT was not actually taught in any of the state’s public schools.

Bill Press

The GOP’s Long-time Descent into Crazy. 

It did not start with Donald Trump. In Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn’s new book, he details the long history of Republican Party condoning and encouraging crazy conspiracies to gain and hold on to power. It’s called American Psychosis, a Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy.

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