The wake of Watergate

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Sam Berger of the Center for American Progress draws the parallels between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, and asks us to take a lesson from how the nation recovered from Watergate. Karen Hobert Flynn, the President of Common Cause, explains why a national popular vote is a better way to pick the next president. 

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Sam Berger

In the wake of Watergate, a wave of reforms were ushered in to repair a dysfunctional government and regain the public’s  trust in its leaders. Sam Berger is a policy analyst who says that moment in history has much to offer in the modern day.

Karen Hobert Flynn

Karen Hobert Flynn leads one of the nation’s leading organizations dedicated to strengthening democracy. That’s why she says it’s time for the nation to change the way we elect our President. 

Jim Hightower

Where’s the “Dignity of Work” When Work Kills Workers?

Corporate acolytes and right-wing moralists constantly preach to laboring stiffs about the uplifting dignity of work.

Of course, that’s “dignity” as defined and controlled by corporate elites, not by workers, and the reward for it frequently includes on-the-job injuries… and death. Not that CEOs and well-heeled investors intend to sicken, maim, and kill thousands of laborers every year – but they certainly do put them in positions that assure such unhappy results.

Bill Press

WH Documents: How it’s Supposed to Work.

With all the talk over the last two weeks about the documents in the basement of Mar-a-Lago, Bill decided to talk to a man who oversaw presidential documents in the Obama White House. Greg Craig was Obama’s White House Counsel. He knows the rules and he saw them followed completely. It’s a tale of two presidencies. And it’s not a pretty picture. For the country, or Donald Trump.

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