Echoes from the Camelot era of American politics.

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Lessons we learned from the Kennedys, and what they can teach us about today’s political climate.

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Richard Kahlenberg

Robert Kennedy ran an economically populist campaign that reached across America’s deep racial divide. Richard Kahlenberg says his legacy matters now more than ever.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

In one of our first interviews recorded for this show, we interviewed Kathleen Kennedy Townsend about an article she wrote for the Washington Post about how her uncle, John F Kennedy, reconciled his public service and his Catholic faith without compromising either.

Jim Hightower

Should Making a Living Mean Selling Your Life?

“Work your fingers to the bone – whadda ya get? Boney Fingers.”

This 1960s song mocking the vaunted virtue of working hard is being sung today with new meaning by all kinds of employees – from factory workers to teachers… and even a few upper-floor executives.

Bill Press

“Rage” Against the “Pro-life” Machine

When Bill talked to Jacqueline Ayers, the Senior Vice president at Planned Parenthood for Policy, Campaigns and Advocacy, the word “rage” came up six times. Rage against this latest Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe V Wade. Rage against the state legislatures and governors who are instituting draconian abortion bans. Rage against the burdens put on health care providers who have to consult with lawyers, or look over their shoulder at prosecutors, when trying merely to save a woman’s life.

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