The New Left and the progressive movement

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The past, present and future of progressives in the Senate. Senator Sherrod Brown on his book Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America.

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Sherrod Brown

Senator Sherrod Brown’s most recent book offers a timely history of 20th-century American progressivism. Along the way he makes a compelling case to believe in the future of the Progressive idea in American politics.

Todd Gitlin

Columbia University professor Todd Gitlin, a long-time chronicler of progressive politics, urges the left to nail down a simple program that appeals to the general public.

Jim Hightower

A Rube Goldberg Inflationary Spiral

Last July, several GOP senators combined their 5-watt intellects to charge that inflation was rising because of the “insane tax and spending spree of President Biden and the Democrats.”

Never mind that the “insane” spending is for such sensible, productive, and enormously popular national needs as childcare and jobless benefits, Mitch McConnell’s rabidly partisan flock saw the chance to politicize the public’s legitimate worries about rising prices.

Bill Press

The Darker Side of Right-wing Media

As Bill used to say on his radio show, you don’t need to watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, because Media Matters for America was doing it for you. They’re still doing it and they’ve added other right-wing outlets like One America News Network or OAN. In today’s podcast, Media Matters writer Bobby Lewis takes us down the dark rabbit hole that is OAN. It’s not only dark, it’s dangerous. 

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