Congress must fix or nix the filibuster.

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Charly Carter takes us through the racist origins of the filibuster, and how we must deal with it going forward.

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Charly Carter

Charly Carter is Executive Director of The Democracy Initiative. She tells us how the Republicans have used it as a tool for preventing progress on important issues like voting rights and caused gridlock that put our nation’s credit rating in peril. She gives common-sense solutions for how the filibuster can be changed.

Jim Hightower

Should Democrats be the party of small change?

We might expect that corporate billionaires and Koch-funded Republican right-wingers would be howl-at-the-moon opponents of a wealth tax, Medicare-for-All, and other big, progressive ideas to help improve the circumstances of America’s workaday majority. But… Democrats?

Unfortunately, yes. Not grassroots Dems, but a gaggle of don’t-rock-the-corporate-boat, Fraidy-cat Democrats. These naysayers are the Party’s old-line pols, lobbyists, and other insider elites who’re now screeching that Democratic candidates must back off those big proposals.

Jonathan Alter

“I’m Scared. I’m Scared.” 

Jonathan Alter is an MSNBC Political Analyst, journalist and Presidential Historian. He’s written books about FDR, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. He is very worried about the future of American Democracy. He writes on Substack at 

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