Farmers on the front lines of climate change. 

Farmers on the front lines of climate change.  A Wyoming view on 2022. Plus, Bill Press on the very real threat of election subversion.

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Former secretary of agriculture Dan Glickman makes an urgent call for climate smart agriculture. Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Joe Barbuto lays out a plan to prevail in the midterms. And election law expert Rick Hasan tells Bill Press why “election subversion” is the greater threat to American Democracy than voter suppression.

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Dan Glickman

There’s a growing acknowledgment that even as agriculture feels some of the worst impacts of climate change, it also contributes to the crisis. Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman says farmers can be part of the solution and public policy can help them do that.

Joe Barbuto

Democrats face daunting odds in Wyoming. But, with a midterm election on the horizon, Joe Barbuto says Democrats can beat those odds… with the right strategy.

Rick Hasan

Coming up, Bill Press talks with national election law expert Rick Hasan on the mounting threat Republicans pose to election integrity. If you’d like to hear the entire episode, visit

Jim Hightower

Why Corporations Pay Millions for Executive Mediocrity

Most people believe the American economy is being rigged by and for bankers, CEOs, and other superrich elites, because… well, because it is!

With their hired armies of lawmakers, lobbyists, lawyers, and the like, they fix the economic rules so even-more of society’s money and power flows uphill to them. Take corporate CEOs. While 2020 was somewhere between a downer and devastating for most people, the CEO class made out like bandits, with each of the three top-paid corporate honchos pocketing as much as a billion dollars in personal pay!

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