#521 : A progressive response to the COVID crisis.

A progressive response to the COVID crisis.  A labor movement game plan for the Biden administration.  Plus, Bill Press on the GOP’s bleak future as the party of Trump.

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Richard Eskow on what he sees missing in the progressive response to the coronavirus pandemic and how to change that. Jeff Schuhrke on what the Biden administration needs to do to deliver for the working class. Plus Bill Press with Charlie Sykes on Donald Trump’s grip on the GOP. 

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Richard Eskow

The coronavirus pandemic is revealing long-term systemic failures in American politics and culture.  Richard Eskow calls on progressives to recognize the enormity of the challenge and respond with uncompromising vision. 

Jeff Schuhrke

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to be the “best friend labor has ever had in the White House.” Now that he’s there, Jeff Schuhrke says labor leaders aren’t taking anything for granted in their  fight to hold the new administration accountable to the needs of working Americans 

Charlie Sykes

Bill Press with Charlie Sykes, one of the original “Never Trumpers,” on the GOP’s continued and dangerous embrace of Donald Trump. If you’d like to hear the entire episode, visit BillPressPods.com. 

Jim Hightower

What the Texas Deep Freeze Revealed

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