#520 : The new climate war and how to fight it.

The new climate war and how to fight it. What we are learning about race, gender, and political representation. Plus, Bill Press with the latest on the GOP plan to thwart democracy.

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Michael Mann says it’s a new day in the climate battle that can only be fought by believing we can still make a difference. Kerry L. Haynie on the record number of women of color in elected office and why it matters. Plus Bill Press with the Brennan Center’s  Eliza Sweren-Becker, on the surge in GOP-led efforts to suppress voting.

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Michael Mann

Climate scientist Michael Mann has achieved fame for his work in proving climate change is happening. He says that even as we move past climate denialism, the battle over how to take action against global warming is as urgent as ever.

Kerry L. Haynie

In his newest book, political scientist Kerry L. Haynie,  along with his co-authors, explores the intersection of race and gender in today’s political arena.  He says with more women of color in Congress than ever before, expect them to make a difference in important ways. 

Eliza Sweren-Becker

And now, Bill Press with Eliza Sweren-Becker, counsel for the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice on what’s next in the GOP’s unprecedented campaign to restrict voting rights. If you’d like to hear the entire episode, visit BillPressPods.com. 

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