#515 : Political Reckonings.

Political Reckonings. Confronting the threat of right wing extremism.  Plus. GOP loyalty put to the test. And Bill Press with Congressman David Cicilline, co-author of the article of impeachment against Trump.

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Alexandra Minna Stern on the changing face of America’s far right. Michael Koncewicz on why Trump’s impeachment is a different kind of challenge for Republicans than Nixon’s. Plus Congressman David Cicilline tells Bill Press why he made the decision to file an article of impeachment against Trump.

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Alexandra Minna Stern

Alexandra Minna Stern’s research takes her deep into the dark matter of America’s far right. She says it’s a movement in transition, and an ever growing threat to our democracy.

Michael Koncewicz

Michael Koncewicz’s most recent book on Republicans who defied Richard Nixon carries new relevance to the present day with Trump’s impeachment. Koncewicz (KON seh witzs) says what makes today different is a greater fear among Republicans that challenging this President will be at their political expense.

David Cicilline

Bill Press with Congressman David Cicilline on why it is necessary to impeach Trump, even after he leaves office. If you’d like to hear the entire episode, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

Who’s really behind the desecration of our Capitol?

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