#510 : Moving ahead on a racial justice agenda in a Biden administration.

Moving ahead on a racial justice agenda in a Biden administration. Plus Bill Press on America’s deepening political divide and the future of Trumpism. 

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An extended conversation with political economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux on the hard work ahead for Democrats to confront racial inequality. And Bill Press with political journalist Ron Brownstein on the future of both parties as the Red-Blue divide gets deeper.

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Julianne Malveaux – Part 1

Following his apparent victory in the November election, Joe Biden was quick to acknowledge the groundswell of support he received from Black voters. Dr. Julianne Malveaux says now is the time to make good on the support by taking on the hard lift of closing the racial wealth gap. 

Julianne Malveaux – Part 2

We continue our conversation with Dr. Julianne Malveaux, and talk about why she says Joe Biden needs a new cabinet level position focused on racial equity.  

Ron Brownstein

The lasting appeal of Trumpism in American politics,  and what Democrats can do about it.  Bill Press talks with Ron Brownstein, senior editor at The Atlantic. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com. 

Jim Hightower

Corporations are playing with our food – and our heads

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