#507 : What we are learning about how Biden won…

What we are learning about how Biden won, and why Trump’s loss wasn’t worse. Plus, the central role of education in the American experiment.  And Bill Press looks ahead to  Georgia’s upcoming Senate run-off elections.

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Leading Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg reads the exit polls for what they tell us about both parties moving forward. Author Derek Black on why an assault on public education is an assault on democracy itself. And Bill Press with Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson on the battle for control of the Senate.

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Stanley Greenberg 

Pollster Stanley Greenberg has just begun to dig into the numbers on Election 2020 and what they tell us about a changing American electorate. Even with Biden’s win, Greenberg sees an unfinished battle over politics and the issue of race in America.

Derek W. Black

Derek W. Black is a legal scholar and outspoken advocate of the importance of public education. His newest book explores how a constitutional right to education forever changed the trajectory of our democracy, and what it means when it comes under attack.

Hank Johnson

Why one Georgia Congressman believes Democrats can turn the Senate to their advantage in Georgia’s upcoming runoffs. Bill Press with Congressman Hank Johnson who represents Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

When and where was the first Thanksgiving Feast?

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