#506 : Republican redistricting and what that could mean in 2022.

Republicans tighten their control of redistricting and what that could mean in 2022. The economic toll of  the coronavirus pandemic on people of color.  Plus what to expect from Trump’s election lawsuits.

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David Daley on the Republican’s growing advantage in redrawing the political map.  Janelle Jones on how the coronavirus pandemic is deepening America’s racial wealth gap and how to turn that around. And Bill Press with Lanny Davis on Trump’s losing strategy to deny electoral defeat.

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David Daly

GOP wins in state legislatures means they will control a majority of redistricting efforts across the country. Journalist and voting rights advocate David Daley says that without significant reforms,  Republicans will continue to rig the system to their advantage.

Janelle Jones

As an economist, Janelle Jones has focused her work on labor markets and racial inequalities. She says that systemic racism going into the pandemic is making America’s racial economic divide even worse,  and only decisive policy action will reverse that. 

Lanny Davis

Why Trump’s claims of voter fraud will fail to keep him in the White House.  Bill Press interviews Lanny Davis, a former White House Special Counsel in the Clinton Administration. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPresspods.com.

Jim Hightower

The amazing fall of Donald Trump’s wall

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