#497 : Reclaiming populism and rebuilding civic power in an era of crisis.

Reclaiming populism and rebuilding civic power in an era of crisis. Plus, Bill Press on the casualty of truth in the era of Trump.

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Rogers M. Smith on returning populism to its progressive roots.  K. Sabeel Rahman on realizing an inclusive and responsive democracy for the future. Plus Bill Press with Brian Stelter on the toxic political mix of Donald Trump and Fox News.

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Goal ThermometerHad enough of Fox News, the House Freedom Caucus, and Donald Trump? If you want the facts that you won’t get from them or from the fake news sites of the alt-right … then stay tuned!

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Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight!

K. Sabeel Rahman

K. Sabeel Rahman is a leading scholar of democracy, law, and inequality.  

In his newest book, co-authored with Hollie Russon Gilman, he calls for a transformative model for democracy reform that fundamentally redistributes power to citizens. And it couldn’t come at a more critical time.

Rogers M. Smith

Rogers M. Smith’s newest book is a deep dive into what populism could and should mean in the future of American politics. It offers a road map to how progressives can build a populist movement that better reflects its inclusive values.

Brian Stelter 

Why Trump’s unprecedented relationship with Fox New is a threat to democracy.  Bill Press talks with Brian Stelter,  author of Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

CEO tricksters cut their pay without bleeding.

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