#492 : A defining moment for progressive politics in America.

A defining moment for progressive politics in America. Plus, another attempt to sabotage the census. And Bill Press on why Trump is more dangerous now than ever before.

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The enduring legacy of Henry Wallace’s anti-fascist, anti-racist politics. Trump’s unconstitutional attempt to erase undocumented immigrants. Plus, Bill Press talks with leading psychiatrists about the growing threat of Donald Trump’s mental state.

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John Nichols

Seventy five years ago, Vice President Henry Wallace was one of the most progressive Democrats of his time. In his newest book, journalist John Nichols follows the rise and fall of Wallace in Democratic Party politics and says it’s a story we cannot afford to forget.

Dale Ho

Donald Trump is not  giving up in his fight to exclude noncitizens from the census. And Dale Ho is not giving up in his fight to stop Trump, and to ensure all communities are treated with dignity and respect.

Bill Press

Why leading psychiatrists are warning us about Trump’s mental state and why we need to reclaim reality. Bill Press with contributors to the New York Times bestseller The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

 If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

How intractable is CEO greed?

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