#491 : Words Matter

Words Matter. President Donald Trump’s increasingly dangerous rhetoric.  Plus, trade wars as class wars. A new way of thinking about the global economy. And a seasoned political strategist offers a roadmap for Democratic victory  in November.

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The dangerous effect of Trump’s toxic language and how to fight back.  Why trade wars are a threat to the global economy and international peace, and what we can do about it.   Plus,  Bill Press talks with Paul Begala on his new book You’re Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump.

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Helio Fred Garcia

Author Helio Fred Garcia’s newest book focuses on the language President Trump uses that conditions his audience to accept, condone, and even commit violence.  He says it’s up to all of us to name it for what it is, and hold him accountable for the consequences.

Matthew Klien

Matthew Klien’s newest book offers a provocative look at how today’s trade conflicts are caused by governments promoting the interests of elites at the expense of workers.  He says it’s up to the United States to fix a broken trade system.

Paul Begala

Paul Begala, author of You’re Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump, tells Bill Press what Democrats need to do to win the most important election he has seen in his lifetime.

Jim Hightower

Trump’s one-word re-election campaign

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