#479 : Pandemic politics.

Pandemic politics. The state of play in Wisconsin. What Americans think about the rush to reopen. Plus Bill Press on the conservative crisis agenda.

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What pollsters are learning about American concerns over COVID 19, and why politicians should listen. Why Wisconsin republicans pushed to have an election in the middle of a pandemic.  Plus Bill Press talks with Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio about what we need to do now to protect the nation’s working class.

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John Anzalone

John Anzalone has been measuring the nation’s political pulse for decades. He says, during this pandemic, many politicians are out of step with what Americans really want.

Ruth Conniff

The pandemic is changing the political landscape in Wisconsin, and few know that better than long time political journalist Ruth Conniff. She says Republicans are willing to sacrifice public health in the interest of holding on to power. But it may not work.

Tim Ryan

Bill Press talks with Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan about crisis politics and what’s at stake for workers. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

What’s the difference between corporate CEO’s and pigs?

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