#465 : Building progressive power at the state level.

Building progressive power at the state level.  Cutting through the fog of centrist corporate speak.   Plus Bill Press on President Trump’s impeachment trial.

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How one organization is powering progressive change at the state level. A guide to what centrists politicians say and what they really mean.  Plus Bill Press with Eleanor Clift on the impeachment trial and what it reveals about the Senate GOP.

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Jessie Ulibarri

Jessie Ulibarri has dedicated his career to building progressive power at the state level. As a former state senator, he knows how challenging that can be, and what it will take for state lawmakers to build a broader progressive movement.

Richard RJ. Eskow

Richard RJ. Eskow pays close attention to the words politicians use, and the true intent behind them.  He says centrist politicians, by design, use language that is often misleading and demands greater precision.

Eleanor Clift

Bill Press talks with veteran journalist Eleanor Clift about President Trump’s impeachment trial and what it means for the future of politics. Eleanor Clift is one of Washington’s best known reporters, authors and commentators. She is a former White House correspondent and now a columnist for The Daily Beast. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

Sonny and Donnie: Down on the farm

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