#462 : A grassroots campaign to build the electoral power of Democrats.

Donald Trump’s campaign to shred environmental protections.  A grassroots campaign to build the electoral power of Democrats. Plus Bill Press on the biggest foreign policy crisis yet in the Trump Administration.

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Dan Farber on what’s next in Donald Trump’s war on regulations and who will pay the price.  Rita Bosworth on the Sister District Project and its plan to flip states from red to blue. Plus Bill Press talks with  nuclear arms expert Joe Cirincione about Iran and the path to war.

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Dan Farber

Dan Farber works at the intersection of constitutional law and the environment.  He says Donald Trump’s war on regulation sidelines science in the interest of industry profit, and if he has another four years, it will only get worse.

Rita Bosworth

The path to power runs through the states.  That’s why Rita Bosworth started the Sister District Project, an organization dedicated to turning states from red to blue. She says it’s crucial to invest in state legislative races in order to reverse the course of the country.

Joe Cirincione

Is Donald Trump leading us into a war with Iran? Bill Press talks with  Joe Cirincione, one of the leading nuclear policy experts in the country. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

How do the rich become über-rich?

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