#460 : The Best of 2019

Our favorite interviews from 2019.  Fighting for the rights of felons to vote.  Why walls don’t work. Plus, why 2020 won’t be won by centrists  

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The racist roots of denying felons the right to vote.  Everything Donald Trump gets wrong about walls. Plus Robert Reich on the choice that has to be made between oligarchy and an America that works for everyone.

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Tierra Bradford

The history of denying felons the right to vote is rooted in the history of African American voter suppression. And while restoring that right is gaining traction in the 2020 campaign,  Tierra Bradford says many Democratic hopefuls still don’t get the point.

Adam Smith

President Trump often sites The Great Wall of China as evidence that a wall will solve our immigration problems. Adam Smith says it’s a claim that history simply cannot support.

Robert Reich

Robert Reich is one of our nation’s leading economists. He says the widening gap between the wealthy and everyone else is the defining issue of our time. And that’s why Democrats have to choose a side.

Jim Hightower

The other Mexican migration

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