#454 : A More Equal Union.

A More Equal Union.  The political crisis of extreme inequality.  How the electoral college undermines democracy.  Plus Jerry Brown and Pete Buttigieg together on the Bill Press pod.

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Adam Eichen on the fight to end winner take all elections.  Ganesh Sitaraman on reviving the reforms of the progressive era.  Plus Bill Press with Jerry Brown and Pete Buttigieg on why US foreign policy needs a major fix.

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Adam Eichen

Adam Eichen is an author and activist focused on highlighting the emerging Democracy Movement in the United States. He says that the path to citizen equality demands fundamental reforms to the way we vote.

Ganesh Sitaraman

Legal scholar Ganesh Sitaraman writes about the core connection between democracy and economic equality. He says that as concentrated wealth and power distort our democracy, it’s time to recall the progressives who fought back over a hundred years ago.

Pete Buttigieg

The role of America in the world today with presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and former California governor Jerry Brown 

If you’d like to hear the entire interview, visit BillPressPods.com.

Jim Hightower

Why would we trust plutocrats to save us from plutocracy

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