#449 : Fighting for the working class.

Fighting for the working class.  A strategy to rebuild the power of labor unions.  Why Democrats need to take a stand for blue collar voters in 2020. Plus, the political ambitions of Michael Pence.

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Why the time has come for sectoral bargaining. Bill Press on how Democrats can win back working class voters. And a conversation with Tom LoBianco on his new biography of Vice President Mike Pence.

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Bill Press

One of the most pivotal issues for Democrats heading into 2020 is how to win back working class voters. For Bill Press, there’s a clear path that begins with economic justice and refuses to accept making a choice between race and class.

David Madland

Against the backdrop of declining membership, a different way of organizing workers is gaining support. Sectoral bargaining not only has the potential to rebuild union membership.  David Madland says it can lead to better working conditions for all workers and reduce economic inequality.

Tom LoBianco

Why Donald Trump and Michael Pence are joined at the hip.  Bill Press talks with Tom LoBianco, author of Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House, his new biography of the enigmatic Vice President. 

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Jim Hightower

The Gloppy mess of merger mania

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