#444 : Reframing white identity.

Reframing white identity. Reforming elections. Plus Bill Press on the politics of how we talk about Israel.

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Richard D. Kahlenberg on the limits of white identity politics. Joshua A. Douglas on the growing movement for voting rights reform.  Plus Bill Press with a progressive perspective on US-Israeli relations. 

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Richard Kahlenberg

Richard Kahlenberg is a scholar who has written extensively on the interplay of race and class in education.  He has been called “the intellectual father of the economic integration movement” in schooling. In a recent book review, he takes on the  issue of “white identity”, its influence on American politics, and the need for a national identity and politics that bridge racial divides.

Joshua A. Douglas

Amid dire news about our broken electoral system and efforts to suppress American voters, a new book from Joshua A. Douglas offers an optimistic view drawn from the stories of people across the nation fighting for free and fair elections.

Bill Press

Bill Press on why criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism, and voting for Democrats is not disloyal. 

Jim Hightower

How to arm nature against corporate profiteers.

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