#441 : Standing up for Truth.

Standing up for Truth. The evolution of Trump’s attack on the press.  A new commitment to covering climate change. Plus calling out the GOP effort to sabotage health care. 

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Donald Trump’s assault on truth and how we repair the damage. Why journalists are signing up to give the climate story the coverage it demands. Plus Bill Press on what’s at stake if the Affordable Care Act is struck down.

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Kyle Pope

Kyle Pope says the science is clear, but too often journalists are not. For too long, the U.S. media have downplayed and distorted  the climate change story, with devastating consequences. That’s why he has co-founded a new initiative involving over 60 news organizations to get the story right.

Brian Ott

Well before his inauguration, Donald Trump launched a virile assault on the press and the very notion of truth itself. Since then, the attacks have only escalated. Brian Ott is a communications scholar who examines the intersection of rhetoric, media and democratic discourse.  He says the President has spearheaded a credibility crisis, and it relies on all of us to repair the damage.

Brad Woodhouse

Donald Trump’s effort to destroy American health care and what it will take to save the Affordable Care Act.  Bill Press talks with Brad Woodhouse, president of Protect Our Care.

Jim Hightower

Government for the rich, the poor be damned.

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