#433 : Expanding the reach of progressive populism.

Expanding the reach of progressive populism.  How Democrats can win again in small towns and rural communities with a populist message. Reclaiming democratic populism as the American project. Plus, new answers to the deepening crisis of economic inequality in America.

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The progressive populist issues that resonate with rural voters. The potential of populism to rebuild democracy.  And Bill Press takes a deep dive into income inequality with Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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Matt Hildreth

Matt Hildreth is an organizer working in small town and rural America. He says it’s time for progressive Democrats to reshape their message to rural Americans with a populist agenda, and begin by letting go of stereotypes.

Harry C. Boyte

Harry C. Boyte is an activist and scholar who focuses on the power of citizen engagement to connect to the common good. He says that democratic populism has the potential to reignite civic agency in America with a history that includes his own work with Martin Luther King Junior.

Jared Bernstein

Bill Press talks with economist Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about the nation’s growing wealth gap and how progressive democrats should respond.  If you want to hear more of this interview, visit the Bill Press podcast at billpressshow.com

Jim Hightower

The unnatural disasters pushing farmers off the land

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