#428 : Moving past stereotypes of Appalachia.

The Bigger Story.  Moving past stereotypes of Appalachia. Correcting the history of FDR’s New Deal. And Rep. Al Green joins Bill Press for a rundown of the Presidents impeachable offences.

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What Hillbilly Elegy got wrong about Appalachia. Plus, the myths and realities about the New Deal,  and its lessons for the Green New Deal. And Congressman Al Green joins Bill Press to talk about his call for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

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Louis Hyman

The conservative story about the New Deal is that it was tax-and-spend liberalism at its worst.  Louis Hyman reminds us that isn’t how it worked and the real story has valuable lessons for the Green New Deal.

Anthony Harkins

The book Hillbilly Elegy became a literary phenomenon that many relied on to understand the white working class voters who helped elect Donald Trump. Anthony Harkins says Hillbilly Elegy reinforces simplistic stereotypes that can be used for political gain, and his newest book is a powerful response.

Al Green

Representative Al Green tells Bill Press about why he believes there is a moral imperative to impeach Donald Trump.

Jim Hightower

Where’s the beef in Trump’s new trade deal?

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