#420 : Standing up for jobs and democracy.

Preventing another Lordstown shutdown, and paving the way for a national popular vote. Plus Bill Press on rigging the system in higher education.

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How smart policy could have saved the Lordstown plant in Ohio.  Plus what it would take to end the electoral college. And Bill Press on how to pay for college if you don’t have a really wealthy parent.

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Michael Shields

When GM closed its plant in Lordstown Plant in Ohio, 1400 workers lost their jobs. Michael Shields say public policy is part of  why that happened, and that better policy is needed to protect workers.

John Koza

John Koza was so convinced a national popular vote was the best way to elect a president in the United States, he can up with a plan to make it happen. It’s called the National Popular Vote legislation. Now he’s convinced that enough states will adopt the legislation to make it happen.

Colleen Campbell

Bill Press with Colleen Campbell, Director of Postsecondary Education at the Center for American Progress on the costly state of higher education.

Jim Hightower

How much does Donald Trump love farmers?

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