#419 : Fighting the good fight for health care justice.

A new playing field. Fighting the good fight for health care justice. Closing the gap in company pay. Plus Bill Press on “Billionaire Boondoggle”.

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The grassroots labor movement for Medicare-for-All. Plus, is it time to talk about a maximum wage?  And Bill Press on the power of the billionaire class.

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Mike Dudzic

The Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care believes that health care is a fundamental human right. National Coordinator Mark Dudzic says it’s up to unions to take the lead and fix our broken health care system.

Larry Hanley

By the most recent estimate, the average CEO in the United States earns an average of 271 times that of a typical worker. Our next guest says it’s time to change that with an idea that is rooted in American history.

Pat Garafalo

Living in the billionaire age. Bill Press talks with Pat Garafalo on his new book “Billionaire Boondoggle” .

Jim Hightower

Corporations are playing with our food – and our heads

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